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Total Solution For ALL Your Water Needs

The Total Solution is a multi-system whole house water purification package that delivers high quality filtered water to every outlet throughout your entire home. This new generation “smart-filtration” system was designed to efficiently provide different levels of filtration based on your specific household needs - it delivers ultra-pure drinking water to your kitchen, chemical & odor free water to your showers, reduced-scale softer water to your pipes, and cleaner water throughout your entire home.

The Total Solution can be easily installed into any standard home plumbing system and is fully automated requiring very minimal maintenance to provide many decades of quality water for your home. Quite simply, it is our most complete and effective whole house water treatment solution ever, and for a limited time, we are offering it at an incredibly low manufacture direct introductory price!

You Will Enjoy All These Benefits:

Unlimited ultra-pure, quality filtered drinking water – superior to bottled waterBest tasting water for cooking and making delicious coffee, tea and ice
Safe and healthy drinking water – up to 99% contaminant FREE